Friday, November 9, 2007

Two In Plane Escape In Newark Bay Crash

Two In Plane Escape In Newark Bay Crash.

Schneider, Ex-Transcontinental Record-Holder, And Student Pilot Rescued By Police.

Two aviators escaped with only minor bruises and a thorough wetting last night when their three-seat, open-cockpit biplane developed motor trouble soon after taking off from the Jersey City Airport and fell into Newark Bay 200 feet off Droyer's Point, Jersey City. The men were rescued by police, who went to their aid in a collapsible rowboat kept at the field. The plane [had] taken off at 7 pm [piloted] by Edward Schneider, 23 years old, of 209 Sip Avenue, Jersey City, former holder of the junior transcontinental plane record and manager of the airport since January 1, 1935. Schneider had as a passenger, Fred Weigel, 31, of 77 Lembeck Avenue, Jersey City, a flying student. Schneider said later at the Administration building, where he and Weigel were drying their clothes, that the plane had not gained more than 100 feet altitude when the engine failed. He could not explain the motor trouble. Schneider said he guided the plane to the water which was eight feet deep at that point. The plane struck and sank into the mud bottom, while Schneider and Weigel floundered about in the water and finally got on top of a wing. Persons at the airport had seen the accident and called the police. Schneider and Weigel refused medical attention. Schneider said the plane, which was secured to the shore by ropes, would be salvaged today.

Source: New York Times; May 16, 1935; page 25

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