Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hague Greets Boy Flier

Hague Greets Boy Flier.

Schneider Delivers Letter From Los Angeles Mayor at Exercises.

Mayor Frank Hague of Jersey City, who returned yesterday to the City Hall there after a brief vacation, officially welcomed another newly returned Jersey City celebrity shortly before noon. He was Edward Schneider, holder of the junior transcontinental flight record. Young Schneider went to the City Hall to deliver a message to Mayor Hague from John C. Porter, Mayor of Los Angeles. Mayor Porter's letter said: "Your letter of August 12 was delivered to me today by Junior Aviator Edward Schneider. My congratulations to you for the enterprise shown by one of your citizens in making this record-breaking flight. It is, indeed, a pleasure to extend to your city greetings from the city of Los Angeles." About 2,000 persons were present to greet the young aviator and his father as they ascended the City Hall steps.

Source: New York Times; August 26, 1930

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