Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Coverage in Christian Science Monitor

  • Christian Science Monitor; August 19, 1930; “Junior Flight Record Set by 18-Year-Old Boy. Los Angeles (Associated Press) A slight, 18 year-old Jersey City youth, Eddie Schneider, today held the junior record for the fastest westward crossing of the United States. Landing at the municipal airport at dusk yesterday, the young flier completed his transcontinental crossing in a total flying time of 29 hours, 41 minutes, just 4 hours, 22 minutes less than required by the former holder, the late Frank Goldsborough, of New York. Schneider left Westfield, New Jersey August 14, 1930, flying only during the daytime. He said he experienced much stormy weather along the route and damaged his plane slightly once when he struck a tree in landing at Altoona, Pennsylvania.”
  • Christian Science Monitor; Friday, August 22, 1930; “Junior Pilot Flies Over San Bernardinos. Albquerque, New Mexico (Associated Press) Eddie Schneider took off at 7:55 a.m. August 22 for Wichita, Kansas, on the second lap of his attempt to lower the junior ...”
  • Christian Science Monitor; July 8, 1931; “Ford Tour Pilots Reach Columbus. Columbus, Ohio, July 8, 1930 (Associated Press) Pilots in the Edsel B. Ford Reliability Tour checked in at Port Columbus here today in the following order: ...”
  • Christian Science Monitor; November 23, 1936; “Wings Over Neutrality. A cable to relatives in New York announces that three crack American aviators have arrived at Valencia to aid the Spanish Government. One is Bert Acosta, who flew the Atlantic with Rear Admiral Byrd in 1927. He is ranked in the trade as a "natural" at flying, one of the most deft and intuitive flyers that ...”

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