Monday, November 19, 2007

Schneider Reaches Ohio

Schneider Reaches Ohio.

He Lands at Columbus From Wichita on Junior Record Attempt

Columbus, Ohio, August 23, 1930 (Associated Press) Eddie Schneider, 18-year-old Jersey City aviator, who is attempting to establish a new West-to-East transcontinental ... Schneider required 7 hours and 45 minutes for the trip from Wichita to Port Columbus, a distance of about 800 miles. His total elapsed time to this city is 21 hours 35 minutes. He is attempting to shatter the junior record of 28 hours 55 minutes from Pacific to the Atlantic. The young flier established a new junior East-to-West transcontinental mark last week.

Source: New York Times; August 24, 1930

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