Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Schneider Halted by Fog

Schneider Halted by Fog.

Flier was Forced down for the Second Time in Pennsylvania.

(Associated Press) Rain and fog today combined to frustrate the attempt of Eddie Schneider, 18-year-old Westfield (N.J.) pilot, to break the junior transcontinental east-to-west flight record established by the late Frank Goldsborough. The record is 33 hours 35 minutes. An extremely low ceiling forced Schneider to land iat the Huntingdon Airport this morning, and early this afternoon he took off in an effort to complete his flight. However, he found he had misjudged the weather conditions and had to make a second forced landing at the Waterstreet Airport, twelve miles from Huntington. Scheider made safe landings both times and his plane was undamaged.

Source: New York Times; August 15, 1930; page 5

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