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Eddie August Schneider (1911-1940) in the 1920 US Census

Eddie August Schneider (1911-1940) in the 1920 US Census in Jersey City, New Jersey.
  • 2728 Hudson Boulevard, Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey
  • Emil Schneider, head, age 32, born in Germany, emigrated from Germany in 1901, naturalized in 1909, merchant in delicatessen
  • Inga Schneider, wife, age 32, born in Norway, emigrated from Norway in 1901
  • Edward Schneider, son, age 8, born in New York
  • Alice Schneider, daughter, age 6, born in New York
  • Clara Schultz, niece, age 24, emigrated from Norway in 1910, clerk in store
  • Lena Aadnessen, cousin, age 38, emigrated from Norway in 1916, cook in store
Household interpreted:
  • Emil August Schneider (1886-1955) was the son of August Schneider (c1860-1888) and Henriette Horlomann (c1860-1890) of Bielefeld, Germany. After the death of Inga, Emil married Margaret Jacobsen (1895-1989).
  • Inga Karoline Eldora Pedersen Schneider (1882-1927) was the daughter of Peder Andreas Pedersen (1830-?) and Serine Larsdatter (1840-?) of Farsund, Norway.
  • Eddie August Schneider (1911-1940)
  • Alice Violetta Schneider (1913-2002)
  • Klara Helene Schultz (1895-1973) was the the only child of Mathilde Sophie Amalia Pedersen (1872-1949) aka Sophie Pedersen, of Farsund, Norway; and Hans Andreas Carlsen Schultz (1867-1896) of Korshavn, Norway. She married Edward A. Thompson I (1895-1935) and after his death will married John Muhlbruch (1905-1979).
  • Lena Aadnessen (1882-?) or Lena Andreassen (1882-?)

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